People make the city.

About Space & Environment Institute

Space & Environment Institute is an in-house think tank of Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., which conduct studies and research based on unbiased thoughts. We provide information and solutions to parties within and beyond the Mitsui Fudosan Group and help generate new value in the Group.

The World is Changing

Driven by advances in technology, climate change, globalization, pandemics, and other pressing issues, the societies and economies of today face unprecedented change.

Cities are Changing

Amidst global change, the significance and the roles of cities are also dramatically changing. Future cities' roles are to offer solutions to societal issues such as energy, environmental harmony, safety and security, health and longevity, and industy creation, and thereby realize sustainable society.

Neighborhood Creation to Enhance Human Happiness

Our research focuses on the concept of "people make the city." We not only work to envision efficient cities that utilize technology effectively, but also consider how neighborhoods can be more people-centric; how they can be developed to enhance the happiness of the people who live, work and visit there; and, moreover, how such communities can create a greater happiness for people throughout the world.


Research Institute Overview

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