As a think tank, our main responsibility is creating new value

We provide information and solutions that contribute to new value creation within the Mitsui Fudosan Group by conducting research and surveys based on unique concets not limited to the real estate business.

Research Themes

Our research focuses mainly on the following four specific areas within the vast range of themes in the reals estate business:


We study how to achieve sustainability through urban development.

Neighborhood Creation

Our research stems from studying and analyzing both the soft and hard elements of trends and conditions surrounding the world's most notable cities. Our goal is to interpret and extrapolate best practices and form proposals to create the most desirable urban neighborhood.

Local Revitalization

We collect and analyze case studies of local revitalization, mainly in Japan, seeking to distill the essence of what works and developing it theoretically and systematically. We define local revitalization as “making the community self-supporting.” On that basis, we research business producing theory, local resources theory, and the like as methodologies for establishing a locally circulating economic zone.

CARE Design - Health Care, Medical Care and Nursing

We conduct studies and research in fields of growing interest worldwide: health care, medical care and nursing. We provide solutions with respect to the creation of homes, services and neighborhoods by collaborating with Mitsui Fudosan Group companies and utilizing related cutting-edge know-how.
Our CARE Design concept responds to how best studies and research in the field of health, medicine, and nursing care can contribute to mitigating challenges accompanied with the aging process. 
Care design